What is a fat burner food ?

In general terms a food that is considered to be one of the top fat burners is any type of food that uses up more calories during its consumption and digestion than is actually present in the food itself.

This process is generally referred to as speeding up metabolic rate.

The top fat burners (sometimes referred to as negative calorie foods) tend to be vegetables such as Asparagus, broccoli, cabbage and green beans etc. These top fat burners contain very few calories and can actually cause the body to call upon its stored energy (glucose and fat) in order for it to be digested.

Several fruits such as apples, grapefruit, oranges watermelon and pineapple can also be classed as top fat burners. Although they may contain a relatively high number of calories a large proportion of these are used up in the digestion process.

In essence losing weight is all about balance.

If you get the balance wrong and you consume more calories than you require you are likely to put on weight. If on the other hand you are burning more calories than you are consuming you will almost certainly lose weight. By including some of the top fat burners in your diet you can still eat relatively large amounts of food, which will prevent you from feeling hungry, but will not put on weight as a result.

Other top fat burners include spices and most types of chile peppers. In some cases eating a very spicy meal can increase your metabolism by as much as 25% for up to three hours.

There are also drinks and beverages that can be categorised as top fat burners.

What is a fat burner beverage ?

Drinks such as tea and coffee contain high amounts of caffeine and are highly effective fat burners. Caffeine will speed up the heart rate and will also help to free fatty acids to make them available for energy usage.

One word of warning! Caffeine is a stimulant which could cause side effects such as problems with sleeping etc if vast amounts are consumed .

Finally there are various forms of diet supplements that work extremely effectively as fat burners.

What is a fat burner supplement ?

Some of the best weight reduction pills (or supplements) available are classed as fat burners. These generally contain concentrated ingredients such as cayenne pepper extract which is usually in the form of a capsule. As the ingredients are in pill or capsule form they are easy to take and generally do not produce any unpleasant side effects.

All of the best weight reduction pills, including the top fat burners, are made from natural organic ingredients and have been fully tested.

Although the top fat burners can be very effective in helping you to lose weight it is also a good idea to look at other aspects of your life to see if there are other things that can be done to accelerate your weight loss.

Try and do a little more exercise than you would normally do for example. This need not be particularly strenuous but any additional physical activity will help to burn off more calories.

Cut out the snacks whilst watching television as these usually contain large numbers of calories. If you cannot resist snacking simply substitute one of the top fat burners (such as an apple) in place of the bag of crisps.

Losing weight need not be hard work! If you make a number of small changes to your eating habits and routines you are far more likely to see it through and achieve your weight loss goal.

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