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Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

There are endless studies that attempt to clarify the best ways to lose weight.  A great deal of the information is not new and are merely rehashed versions of reports that have been seen countless times before. Every once in a while however a report is published that catches the eye and is worth reading.

The four items below caught my eye and I felt the posts were well worth sharing.


The first article suggests that you should not eat less food but should in fact be eating more. It does however go on to elaborate and describes the types of food that you should be eating.

Eating more to lose weight? It can work

For weight control, it turns out bigger portions — of the right foods — may be the answer. Numerous studies, many at Pennsylvania State University by Barbara Rolls, author of The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet, suggest people are satisfied by the same volume of food at a sitting regardless of how many calories it contains.

So by bulking up dishes with few or no calories, you can have a full, satisfying plate that’s good for your waistline. Here are simple, flavorful strategies for getting more for less….More at Eating more to lose weight? It can work – Houma Courier


The second article is interesting as it suggests that eating fats can in fact help with weight loss. This is somewhat contrary to the advice that is usually given that suggest that virtually all types of fats are bad for you. Well worth a read…

Fats Help You Lose Weight, Claims Researcher at Hebrew University,

Professor Oren Froy of the Agriculture, Food, and Environment department, Hebrew University, says that a high-fat diet may help weight loss. The trick is to include fats in regularly scheduled meals. We’ve written about different food theories here on Green Prophet, including a debate on if organic food is really healthier. Eating according to schedule, wrote Froy in an article published in the journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, helps the body metabolize food better and burn it up instead of packing it away in the tissues….More at Fats Help You Lose Weight, Claims Researcher at Hebrew University, Jerusalem – Green Prophet


The third article describes how a new smart phone app can help you to lose weight. Given that the whole world is obsessed with technology it is possible to understand how this may become popular.

80Bites: Lose Weight With Revolutionary Smart Phone App

America’s overeating and misunderstanding of what our stomachs need has caused our stomachs to stretch beyond capacity. Large stomachs escalate hunger, which leads to overconsumption and obesity. 80Bites boldly proclaims that eating unlimited amounts of fruits and vegetables stretches the stomach causing it to need more food to be satisfied. Drinking large quantities of water will have the same affect. Its principles challenge popular dieting plans that advocate unlimited servings of fruits and vegetables, and drinking eight glasses of water a day to stave hunger….More at 80Bites: Lose Weight With Revolutionary Smart Phone App – RedOrbit


The final piece of writing is somewhat more of a standard list if weight loss tips but is well worth reading

11 Science-based Weight Loss Tips

While some fad diets recommend avoiding entire food groups or restricting protein, carbs, and fat to target a “magic” sweet spot for weight loss, there is no evidence that a secret formula exists, according to Joanne Haire, R.D., C.D.E., a New York City-based dietitian. “There is no scientific proof that eating more or less of certain foods will result in weight loss.” Haire explains that if you severely restrict one group of nutrients—such as carbs, protein, or fat—in your diet, you may not be getting enough of the essential nutrients you need to maintain health….More at 11 Science-based Weight Loss Tips – The Daily meal

There are obviously a multitude of opinions regarding which is the best way to lose weight and the above selected articles are meant to demonstrate some of the different approaches that can be taken.