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tips for losing weight quickly for women

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012


Losing weight is never an easy thing to do. It requires dedication and determination if you are to have any chance of reaching your desired new weight.

There are substantially more women than men that actively try to lose weight so we have collated a number of articles that specifically give tips for losing weight quickly for women.




You want to lose weight quickly


You need to lose weight. Your doctor says so and so does your mirror. This may be your first effort to lose weight or the latest in a long series of programs. Success is important, not only to your appearance, but to your health. Here are a variety of tips to help you on your way. Choose the ones that suit you best. Your diligence will pay off.


Your lifestyle is the most likely cause for you putting on weight. Your weight will have risen steadily over a substantial number of years but you now want to lose weight quickly.



Individuals especially Women are increasingly falling prey to the obesity bug largely due to a sedentary lifestyle and good appetite. Also the new- age woman who juggles a hectic work schedule and personal life sees her body undergo metabolic changes. More often than not, such women either skip meals or binge on unhealthy food; all leading to obesity. Apart from your shape, all those extra pounds can also lead to many health problems like heart disease, lipid abnormalities, blood sugar irregularities, hormonal imbalance and problems in conception and fertility. Today almost every age group is affected by weight issues, especially women in their thirties.


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There are certain aspects of your lifestyle that you can change easily and quickly.



You can lose weight, and lots of if, by changing a few small details in your day-to-day lifestyle. If you’re already eating healthy and frustrated that you can’t lose weight, give these four simple weight loss tips a try.









1. Sleep




A recent commentary published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal suggested that less sleep  = increased motivation to eat.  The connection between sleep and weight loss is nothing new. In fact, numerous studies have linked even modest sleep deprivation (five or fewer hours of sleep a night) with decreased muscle mass and increased overall body fat. Sleep. It does a body good.

Taking the time to spend and extra 10 or 15 minutes in the sauna may seem frivolous,




Tips for losing weight quickly for women after the menopause

Is it possible for women to lose weight and keep it off after menopause?

My immediate snarky answer is yes, unless the law of thermodynamics has been repealed and nobody bothered to tell me.

I’ve just been reading a popular summary of some new research, and the scientists’ consensus seems to be “gosh, it’s hard to lose weight.” This is no surprise to anyone who’s ever made lifestyle changes with the intention of shrinking that muffin top.

What I object to is the implication that “not easy” = nearly impossible. Not the same thing at all.

So let’s look at this study a bit more closely….

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