Foods that are Natural Hunger Suppressants

If you have ever tried to lose weight in the past you will be aware just how much effort and will power it takes. You may have tried meticulously counting calories or you may have even tried to lose weight with inferior weight reduction pills that have promised huge amounts of weight reduction in a matter of days.

Like the vast amount of people you have probably become disillusioned and eventually given up without actually losing any weight at all.

The biggest problem that people have when counting calories is that they invariably feel hungry. This is quite normal as weight reduction is dependant on you reducing your calorie intake. Your body will have become accustomed to a certain amount of food and when that amount of food is reduced your brain tells you that more food is required. You are not however being told that the amount of food you have taken on board is not sufficient to enable your body to function merely that the amount you have eaten is less than expected.

Not being able to cope with this feeling of hunger is what eventually leads to weight reduction failure.

However there are foods that are natural hunger suppressants that can be eaten in large quantities but will not result in weight gain. All of the foods that can be classified as hunger suppressants are low in calories (energy density) but high in bulk or fibre.

If you substitute some of the foods that you would normally eat with these natural hunger suppressants you can consume your normal volume of food but still be cutting down on your calorie intake. The fact that you have eaten your usual volume of food will make you feel full and the craving for food will be satisfied.

Any diet that contains relatively high percentages of fruit and vegetables are likely to be beneficial for weight reduction.

Lettuce, cabbage, broccoli , courgette and similar vegetables can be eaten relatively freely as their energy density is quite low. Celery is also high in fibre but low in calories and can be eaten with little fear of it causing weight gain.

You can consider having a starter before your main course at meal times. If you eat a bowl of thin broth or vegetable soup prior to your main course you will find that you will be able to reduce the size of the portions of the main course you consume without feeling hungry. Eating a salad before the main course will have the same effect. This way you are still able to eat some of your favourite foods but in lower amounts.

Apples are also quite filling and although they contain relatively large amounts of calories compared to lettuce or cabbage the fact that they tend to take a reasonably long time to eat and require chewing helps to balance this out. The act of chewing actually burns off calories and in some cases the amount of calories burned can be more than the calorie content of the food being eaten.

Water is also one of natures’ natural hunger suppressants and it is advisable to drink around two litres a day which will help to control your need for food and also help to keep you healthy.

Weight reduction will only occur if you are using more calories per day than you are consuming. Eating less becomes easier if you are able to control your appetite.

There are however weight reduction pills available that are very effective hunger suppressants.

The most successful of pills and supplements that work as hunger suppressants are all made from pure organic plant extracts. Without a doubt some of the best weight reduction pills contain Hoodia Gordonii  which comes from the Kalahari region of South Africa. In tests that were carried out to establish whether weight reduction pills that worked as hunger suppressants were effective found that some of the subjects being tested were able to comfortably reduce their calorie intake by as much as 2000 calories per day without feeling hungry.

Although there are a number of weight reduction pills on the market containing Hoodia if you want to lose weight with pills the most successful of these hunger suppressants is without a doubt a product called Uniquehoodia.

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