Ephedrexin – Weight Reduction Pills

Ephedrexin is claimed to be one of the top fat burners specifically designed for men.

Although the product name would possibly appear to indicate that the product contains ephedra (an illegal substance) luckily it in actual fact does not.

There are however other ingredients within the product that do give cause for concern. There is for example a huge amount of caffeine in each Ephedrexin pill.

There would appear to be no evidence that the ingredients contained in the product have been proved to be effective in weight reduction in general or indeed are likely to be effective as one of the top fat burners. The black pepper, garcinia camborgia and fruit extracts which form part of the ingredients have been found to be ineffective in the promotion of weight loss.

These weight reduction pills would not appear to have any supporting scientific facts to substantiate the manufacturers claims that the product can help in weight reduction or that the product is safe to take.

All of the claims made would appear to be based purely on assumption and not on any form of factual study.

Do  Ephedrexin weight reduction pills have any side effects?

Although there would not appear to be any ingredients in Ephedrexin that can be termed as harmful the high concentration of caffeine could cause unpleasant side effects. Minor side effects such as anxiety, insomnia, headache, diarrhea and stomach upsets are all associated with high caffeine consumption. Caffeine has also be associated with more serious conditions such as cardiac problems and dehydration.

It is also highly duratic which is likely to result in any weight reduction being short term.

Do we recommend Ephedrexin?

Given that we are unable to find any indication that there have been clinical trials carried out on Ephedrexin weight reduction pills to substantiate the manufacturers claims about the product we find it difficult to recommend it!

If you want to lose weight with pills to help you there are a number weight reduction pills available that have undergone full documented clinical trials that would almost certainly represent more effective and safer alternatives. All of the best weight reduction pills are made from pure organic materials.

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