Do I have to feel hungry in order to lose weight ?

You put on weight because your body is not using up all of the calories that you consume. In very simple terms the excess calories are then ultimately converted to fat and you put on weight.

To stop putting on weight you simply need to balance the number of calories that you are burning with the amount you are consuming. It also follows that if you want to lose weight you need to consume less calories than you are burning with the exercise you are doing.

Getting an absolute balance between the amount of calories you consume and the amount you use is almost impossible so your weight is likely to fluctuate depending on the ratio of calorie intake to exercise.

In most cases after exercise or any form of strenuous activity you have a tendency to feel hungry and the natural response is to simply have a snack of some sort or another. The feeling of hunger that you experience is in fact your body’s way of telling you that it simply does not have sufficient calories to add new fat to your body’s existing fat store. To lose weight you actually want to reduce this store of fat!

In many cases the amount of calories in the snack will exceed those that you have just burned up.

It is therefore almost inevitable that in order to lose weight you will at some time find that you are experiencing the feeling of hunger, this is quite normal. What you must do is find some way of combating these hunger pains that will not result in weight gain.

There are of course strategies that you can employ to help with this problem.

One of the best ways of overcoming the desire to eat is to drink fresh water. It has been proved that water is a very effective appetite suppressant and by simply drinking an 8oz glass of water immediately you begin to feel hungry you will find that your feelings of hunger are either gone completely or at least reduced significantly. Water of course contains no calories so you can consume as much as you like without increasing your calorie intake. Water is also a natural cleansing agent for your body.

Green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, bokchoy and cabbage etc are also extremely low in calories. Large volumes of these can be consumed which will combat the feeling of hunger without having any significant affect on your overall calorie intake.

If you do not particularly like eating raw vegetables you can add a low calorie salad dressing to make them more appetising. As the calories in the vegetables themselves are virtually negligible your calorie intake will effectively only be the amount of calories contained in the dressing which is almost certainly going to be far less than what you would expect from a normal snack food.

Eating an apple in place of snack foods is also quite effective. Although there are carbs and calories in an apple it will fill you up for quite a while which will prevent you from turning to far more harmful alternatives.

There are also a large number of weight loss products that are designed specifically to act as appetite suppressants. A number of these are manufactured solely from organic ingredients (such as Hoodia Gordonii) and generally do not produce any side effects. If these are taken as part of an overall weight loss strategy combined with a sensible approach to eating you should be able to lose weight.

Remember that losing weight will require some effort and you must be prepared to change your eating habits to some degree if you are to have any chance of succeeding. Relatively minor changes can result in quite dramatic results if you are prepared to make the effort.