DKN Capsule method of weight reduction

A friend of mine received some sales literature about weight reduction pills through the post a few days ago and asked me if I knew anything about the product.

The sales literature was from a company called Nutri-Research and made staggering claims about the amount of weight reduction that can be achieved by using what they refer to as the ‘DKN Capsule method’.

According to the sales literature DKN Capsules are without a doubt the best weight reduction pills available and goes on to say that if you are considering losing weight with pills they will guarantee that if you do not achieve a weight reduction of 28 lbs in 28 days that the company will give you your money back.

The ‘100% risk free weight loss guarantee’ printed on the reverse of the leaflet does however clarify this statement by saying that if you are not satisfied with the weight reduction pills you simply return any unopened portions of the capsules for a full refund.

What is the ‘DKN Capsule method’?

The DKM capsules appear to be weight reduction pills that work both as fat burners and fat binders.

Weight reduction pills that are classified as fat burners usually increase the body temperature slightly which increases the body’s metabolic rate. When your metabolic rate is increase your body will burn off some of the fat which your body is storing which results in weight loss.

Weight reduction pills that are known as fat binders effectively bind with certain sectors of the food that you are consuming in such a way that the body cannot digest it. This undigested food then passes harmlessly through the body.

Do you need to take any additional exercise when using the DKN Capsule method?

Again according to the literature losing weight with pills has never been easier. Your weight reduction is guaranteed even if you continue to eat foods such as cheeseburgers, French fries, donuts and ice cream.

What ingredients are in the DKN capsules and what do they do?

The course of pills seems to consist of ‘capsule A’ and ‘capsule B’ which you take on alternate weeks. Capsule ‘A’ apparently attacks your long-term fat stores and capsule ‘B’ then attacks fat that has built up from starchy carbohydrates.

To date we have not been able to find a complete list of ingredients for DKN capsules but it does appear to contain mainly Chitosan and White Kidney Bean extract. It is not clear whether these are the only ingredients or whether there are others. It is also not clear to us whether there is a combination of both ingredients in capsule ‘A’ and capsule ‘B’ or whether each capsule contains only one of these ingredients.

Chitosan is made from the exoskeletons of shellfish. The shells are ground into a fine powder which is then de-acetylated by removing certain chemical elements from the powder. It is claimed that Chitosan can actually absorb up to ten times its own weight in fats. This fat binding process occurs before the fat has the opportunity to reach the stomach thereby ensuring that the fat is not absorbed into the blood stream.

White Kidney Beans (or extracts from them) can supposedly act as ‘carbohydrate blockers’.

During digestion the starchy parts of the carbohydrate is turned into sugar (glucose) and any of this sugar that is not used will turn into fat which the body will store, white kidney bean extract is alleged to prevent this from happening.

Will the DKN Capsule Method work?

Chitosan may actually bind fat but we are unable to find any scientific evidence that it helps with weight reduction. There are a number of weight reduction pills that contain Chitosan which are sold as dietary supplements which means that they do not have to be regulated.

Although we are unable to confirm this we are assuming that the white kidney bean extract used in DKN Capsules is Phaseolamin which has been seen to cut the absorption of carbohydrate by up to 65% in similar products. Some experts believe that lowering carbohydrate absorption by this amount can have significant unpleasant side effects.

Do we recommend the DKN  Capsule method?

We have a number of concerns regarding these weight reduction pills. The manufacturers are claiming that huge amounts of weight reduction can be achieved in a very short space of time.  Extremely rapid weight reduction can have adverse affects on your general health.

We are also extremely sceptical about any product that does not at least suggest that eating a healthier diet and exercising regular could be beneficial.

There is no indication as to what you can expect to happen when you have reached your ideal weight and decide to stop taking the pills. It is commonly believed amongst many weight reduction experts that any weight lost this rapidly is likely to be regained quickly and there is a significant chance that you will actually gain more weight than you lost whilst taking the pills.

Losing weight with pills can be extremely beneficial but if you do decide to lose weight with pills you need to ensure that you are taking the best weight reduction pills that meet your particular needs. We believe that there are far better weight reduction pills available that have FDA approval..

It is worth noting that the FDA (Federal Trade Commission) have, in the past, filed charges against companies who have made exaggerated claims regarding the fat binding characteristics of products they have marketed containing Chitosan.

If you are serious about weight reduction and have decided that losing weight with pills is what you want to do then we would recommend that you find more details about Proactol Plus as we believe that it is one of the best weight reduction pills on the market at this time.