Baby Food Diet – Does it Work?

It is generally accepted that you become overweight because your calorie intake exceeds your body’s needs. In other words the calories you are consuming are not being used up. The excess calories are stored in the body and turn to fat. The net result is that your weight increases.

The easy solution is to simply eat less to reduce your calorie intake or exercise more to burn up the calories you are consuming.

This is extremely simple in theory but far more difficult in practice.

There are however literally hundreds of weight loss products and weight reducing diets on the market designed to help you achieve your goal of losing weight. Some of the products can genuinely help you whilst others are a complete waste of time.

Every now and again there are also ‘fad diets’ that become popular. Many of these are adopted by celebrities and as a result gain popularity with the general public.

One of the latest of these ‘diets’ to have become popular with many of the Hollywood  stars is the BABY FOOD DIET.

What is the baby food diet?

lose weight with baby food diet

The baby food diet is exactly what it appears to be! Basically in place of normal meals and snacks the people adopting the diet simply consume jars of proprietary brand baby food. Apparently stars such as Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are extremely enthusiastic about the diet.

How does the baby food diet work?

In most instances the baby food is simply used to satisfy food cravings.

Food cravings are generally extremely difficult to ignore. After a while the craving becomes too much to ignore and you give in and begin snacking. The snacks that we tend to go for are usually high in sugar and fat and contain large amounts of calories. Baby food, on the other hand, is designed to be healthy and nutritious. Consuming the contents of one jar of baby food is very often sufficient to relieve the craving and remove the hunger pains.

The more radical disciples of the baby food diet however advocate the use of baby foods as complete meal replacements.  If you are intending to use baby food to replace meals completely you do need to exercise a little caution. Because the portion sizes are extremely small and are heavily pureed they are unlikely to give the feeling of being completely satiated. This could ultimately lead to you consuming larger portions which would make the diet completely ineffective.

Baby food is available to cater for almost all types of dietary requirements, such as lactose intolerant or vegetarian etc.

Because it is formulated for infants baby food is generally quite bland and the taste is unlikely to be overly appealing to adults.

Is the baby food diet recommended?

As this diet is relatively new there are very few guidelines regarding its use or long term effectiveness. If you are considering replacing complete meals with baby food it may be worth seeking medical advice. It may also be advisable to take some form of multi vitamin supplement to ensure that all of your dietary requirements are being met.

If you are simply using baby food as an alternative to other forms of snack it is quite possible that you may find it beneficial.

As with any form of diet it is essential that some form of exercise routine is included if you are looking for the maximum amount of benefit.

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