Actislim Ultra

Actislim Ultra weight loss capsules appear to be extremely similar to many other unexceptional weight loss products currently available.
The ingredients are listed as being a combination of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts.

The makers of Actislim weight reduction pills state that their product will help you to ‘achieve your personal lifestyle goals quicker than any other product currently on the market’. This is a somewhat vague statement at best and it is unclear from the manufacturers website exactly what weight reduction you can expect to achieve by taking the product.

It is suggested that adults should take two capsules daily. The first between 9am and 10am and the second between 1pm and 2pm. You are advised not to exceed the recommended dose and it also states that the capsules should not be taken after 3pm, it does not appear to say why.

The capsules should be taken after food for a period of 3 months after which you should refrain from taking them for 1 month and then repeat the cycle until you have achieved your desired weight.
It is further suggested that in order to achieve the maximum benefit from the weight reduction pills that Actislim Ultra should be taken in conjunction with Actislim Night.

Ingredients in Actislim weight reduction pills:

100mg Brazilian Cocoa (21% extract)
125mg Moroccan Leaf Tea (8% extract)
15mg Naringin
15mg Ginger
15mg Ginko Biloba
15mg Odourless Garlic
(The amounts above are ‘per serving’ which we assume to mean per capsule).


Are there any side effects from taking Actislim weight reduction pills ?

The manufacturers website warns against taking the product if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, suffer from heart or thyroid disease, have diabetes or have a caffeine intolerance. It is also not recommended for adolescents.
It is stated that there are no known side effects but as your metabolism (due to the caffeine content) will be increased it is possible that some people could suffer from headaches and insomnia as a result of taking the product.
It is also suggested that an additional 2 litres of water should be consumed per day to get the maximum benefit.

Do we recommend Actislim ultra?

The ingredients are pretty unremarkable and there is no indication that the product has been thoroughly tested to establish that it is actually effective  as a weight reduction supplement.
We do not believe that Actislim is one of the best weight reduction pills you can buy and we cannot recommend it.

If you want to lose weight with pills one of the top fat burners is without a doubt Capsiplex and we would strongly suggest that you consider this as an alternative.

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