Accelis Weight Reduction Pills Review

Accelis manufacturers (Iovate Health Sciences Research Inc) claim that their supplement helps you lose weight by helping your muscles to absorb blood sugar (glucose) thereby preventing it from being stored in fat cells. Supposedly these weight reduction pills will help you lose weight without the use of stimulants and using only natural ingredients. It is also claimed that it is possible to lose over 10 lbs in twenty days.


The main ingredient is a plant extract called Lagerstroemia Speciosa which contains corosolic acid.

The other ingredients consist of Caffeine-free Green Tea Extract, Caffeine-free White Tea Extract, Caffeine-free Oolong Tea Extract, Chamomile Extract, Passionflower Extract and Soy Phospholipids.

Do Accelis Weight Reduction Pilss actually work?

The main ingredient, Corosolic Acid, has been proven to be effective in weight loss but as the product contains only 3% of the substance it is unlikely to have much effect. Green Tea extract is accepted as being good for the human body and tests have proved that it can be an effective aid to weight loss, however once it has been decaffeinated its weight loss components are destroyed. None of the other ingredients, particularly in such small doses, have been scientifically proved to help weight loss.

Possible Side Effects

In some cases side effects such as indigestion, heartburn, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting and dizziness have been reported.

Do we recommend Accelis Weight Reduction Pills ?

We most definitely do not recommend Accelis.

All of the best weight reduction pills have been fully tested! There is no evidence on the manufacturers web site to indicate that any scientific studies have been carried out that would prove the claims that this diet pill is effective. It is suggested that trials were carried out on the products main ingredient (corosolic acid) but exact details of the study are not made public.

Alternatives to Accelis Weight Reduction Pills

We would recommend Proactol as a viable alternative to Accelis.

Proactol is one of the best weight reduction pills available! It is a herbal fat binder that is endorsed by a number of GP’s and doctors from around the world and has been the subject of several well documented clinical trials and carries CE health stamp of approval

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